Mercedes-Benz Actros

May 16, 2017

The all new Mercedes-Benz Actros has set a high standard for long-distance transport. The vehicle is equipped with dynamic driving technology and is outstandingly capable than any other heavy duty truck. Actros has striking exteriors and spacious interiors which make it a preferred choice for the truck owners.The following review highlights the finest features of the vehicle:


Actros has been designed according to the newly developed SoloStar concept to ensure the most comfortable driving experience. A chair-like seat has been placed at the truck’s rear panel, which can serve as both relaxing and dining area. For added comfort, sufficient space is provided in the front to stretch the legs. The driver can also easily move around as the bed can be folded at the rear wall.
To reduce eye strain while driving, three different lighting systems have been installed in the truck. Work lighting in the door panel light up the way into the truck, the two ceiling lights illuminate the interior when stronger lighting is required, for instance while reading documents or changing clothes. The non-reflective green night lighting makes it easier to drive in the dark. A blue ambient lighting has also been installed in the truck to create a pleasant environment while taking rest. The truck is equipped with more LED lights than its predecessor.
The truck offers abundant storage space with several stowage compartments above the windscreen, with the total capacity of 332 litres. As an option, break-in-resistant valuables compartment can also be integrated on the co-driver’s side.

Driving Technology

The truck runs smoothly over all types of terrain to give an ideal driving experience. The modified chassis, suspension and driving system components offer optimum stability to the vehicle. An innovative rear axle guide and a responsive steering system have been specifically designed for smooth driving. The engines with 4 displacement capacities and total of 16 output categories from 175 kW to 460 kW are available in the Actros. Truck owners can also select the frame overhangs for a better body-mounting ability.

Engine & Exhaust Machinery

The re-engineered blue tech 6-cylinder in-line engine runs on an X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system. Each cylinder in the engine can bear a pressure of up to 2,100 bar. The highly efficient cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system prevents the formation of excessive nitrogen oxide (NOx) during fuel combustion, which reduces emission rate and fuel consumption. The water pump in the engine has been further optimized to consume less energy to cool the engine.

Economic Efficiency

The Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission system allows rapid gear change and provides enormous power to the rear axle. The improved gear shifting strategy allows the driver to quickly shift from first to reverse and vice versa. The automotive aerodynamics helps to reduce thefuel consumption in the truck. As an added advantage, the manufacturers provide comprehensive service contract and an attractive lease agreement to the drivers. The services offered along with the vehicle lowers the overall maintenance costs.


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