Kenworth T409 Car Carrier

July 31, 2017

Reaching Every Destination!
Kenworth’s T4960 car carrier has maintained a distinct position in the Australian market. The cargo carrying vehicle has incomparable features that make it so versatile. This low-roof and short -wheel base prime mover can pull a single trailer as well as a B-Double combination.

Following are the features possessed by this long-haul carrier:

Low Height Chassis
The vehicle has everything one desires in a car carrier. Significant changes have been made by the manufacturers to make it more flexible than its predecessors. The all new Kenworth T409 has low chassis height and shortened wheelbase that enhances its freight capacity. This feature allows more number of cars to be carried on the overhead frame while still following the overall limit imposed on the carrier heights. 
In order to achieve low height, a Hendrickson HAS461 airbag suspension has been fitted on the rear and low profile drive tyres while a Meritor FG943 five-inch drop axle has been mounted on a taper left spring suspension. All these structures enable the vehicle to carry cars on the overhead frame without putting pressure on the steer axle and suspension. The chassis is available in height ranging from 28” to 56”.

Added Comfort
The incredible features of Kenworth T409 offers a less tiring drive and improve the overall driving experience. The wrap-around dashboard makes it easier for the driver to access all the controls and switches. The wide windscreen provides superior view of the road and "Smart Wheel" gives operators an easy access to brakes as well as cruise functions.

Safety At Its Best 
The car carrier is armed with an Electronic Braking System integrated with ABS technology. Both these systems work together to ensure driving stability and avoid mishappenings on road. As an addition, the Adaptive Cruise Control interface has a driver alert system that monitors traffic and keeps a check on the distance of carrier from other vehicle.

Engine And Driveline
Buyers have an option to purchase vehicle with either a 13-litre Paccar MX engine or a Cummins X15 engine. The former delivers a power of 510 hp with a torque of 2500 Nm while the later punches out up to 600 hp and generates 2779.42 Nm of torque.

Other Specifications

  • • Eaton Ultrashift® Plus 18sp AMT Transmission
  • • Meritor FG943 Front Axle
  • • 7.2t Taper Leaf Suspension Front Suspension
  • • Convenient Storage Options
  • • Privacy Curtains In The Cab

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