IVECO Daily Van

July 24, 2017

The Marvelous Iveco Daily Van!

Iveco Daily Van, the International Van of the Year 2015, is a versatile vehicle with tremendous strength, loading capacity and characteristic features of a car. The van comes in two models 35S and 50C which can be driven on standard car license. It is available in both Van as well as Cab Chassis and is widely used by the traders as a pick-up or delivery vehicle.
Read on to know more about Iveco Daily Van:

Powered by two core direct-injection Iveco diesel engine, the van delivers powerful torque outputs. Buyers can opt for an engine with the capacity of either 2.3 or 3 liters. The former comes equipped with an intercooler as well as turbocharger that has a waste gate and delivers a torque of 320 Nm. The latter too has turbocharger but utilizes a variable geometry system and intercooler to yield a torque of 430 Nm. Both the engines are fuel efficient and offer considerably low drag coefficients.

Transmission Technology
The all new Iveco Daily Van is based on the Hi-Matic transmission technology, which was only available for high-end luxury vehicles. The self-adaptive shift strategy allows gears to be changed in factors of milliseconds. The Hi-Matic version used in the vehicle has been specifically designed and strengthened to meet the demands of light commercial vehicles as well as suit the climatic conditions of Australia. In order to reduce fuel consumption, two modes "eco" and "power" are available. The former allows gear-change at low RPM while the latter facilitates faster acceleration.

Safety Features
For the well-being of the drivers as well as the passengers, the van has been installed with an array of active and passive safety features. To ensure smooth ride on an inclined surface, the van has ABS brakes with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) system and to prevent rolling back of vehicle, a 'hill holder' technology has also been incorporated. In this, a pitch sensor detects the tilt in the vehicle when it is stopped on a slope and notifies the braking system to clamp the wheels until the release of brake pedal.

The new low level fog lamps in the van have a cornering function. They are automatically lit where there is steep curve and the driver needs more light to see the way while steering. The "Electronic Stability Control" and "Trailer Sway Mitigation" systems help to keep the vehicle stable.

Other Safety Features

• Driver, Passenger And Curtain Airbags
• Anti-Slip Regulator
• Adaptive Load Control
• Hydraulic Rear Wheel Boost
• Hydraulic Fading Compensation
• Roll Movement Intervention And Mitigation

Payload Efficiency
The van is efficient in carrying a payload of up to 4.7 tones and is available in 3 heights - 1545 mm, 1900 mm and 2100 mm. The load platform has been lowered 55mm than the previous models.  The side sliding door and the rear barn doors provide a 270 degree opening and in some cases, the drivers can easily reverse the vehicle with opened doors.

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