July 24, 2017

The sturdy all-rounder!

If you are looking for a multipurpose truck that can run in crowded cities and cross the rough terrains, FAD CF75 8x4 RIGID is the best choice for you. This vehicle has been skillfully designed to provide a safe environment for the driver. Its robust and completely flat chassis is made up of supreme quality steel and is available is wide variety of wheelbases and axle configurations. The shape and design of the vehicle minimizes its weight and maximizes the available space.

Let‘s explore some of the extraordinary features possessed by this truck.

Strong Exteriors – The exteriors of FAD CF75 8x4 RIGID allows it to be used as a long-haul transport vehicle, concrete pumper, tipper etc. The truck has low kerb weight that makes it capable of carrying heavy payloads. It also comes equipped with a 4 coil spring suspension and titling device which allows the cab to be raised at an angle of 57.5 o. The cab steps are illuminated so that they are clearly visible in the dark and the roof hatch can be manually controlled. For added comfort, the truck comes with a choice of three 2.23 meter high cabs i.e. a Day Cab, a Sleeper Cab and a voluminous Space Cab.

Incredible Interiors
Engineers of FAD CF75 8x4 RIGID have thoughtfully utilized every inch of the cab. Large windscreen and side windows offer a sense of roominess to the vehicle. The camel grey color of the cab looks pleasant to the eyes and creates an ergonomic environment for the driver. To make driving safer and less stressful, fingertip control has been incorporated in the truck. This allows the driver to access all hydraulic functions on the vehicle by just pressing buttons on the lever. The ergonomic steering wheel in the truck can be easily adjusted according to driver’s height to offer a comfortable grip. The cab comes with a storage capacity of 900 liters and includes large lockers above the windscreen.

Incomparable Driveline
The powerful 9.2 liters PACCAR PR engine in the truck delivers an output of up to 360 hp and a torque of up to 1,450 Nm. The engine has been embedded with a SMART injection system and DAF SCR technology which allows it to comply with the Euro 5 emission standards. The brake pedal in the truck offers a braking power of 170 kW at 2,800 rpm and is operated via the foot pedal.

Other Features

• Heated and electrically adjustable main and wide angle mirrors
• Fog lights in lower bumper
• External sun visor
• Corner air deflectors
• EBS (Electronic Braking System incorporating ABS)
• Air glide 400 8 bag air suspension with shock absorbers and stabilizer bars
• Anti-Slip Control (ASR)
• Drag torque control
•  1 x 40 liter AdBlue tank
• Hill Start Aid (with AS-Tronic only)
• Seat belt reminder

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