Creating an ad

To create an ad on you need to register and login to your account. You also need to verify your mobile phone before creating your first ad. This can be done in account after your signup. Simply click on create an ad from top of the website and follow the steps.
No, we verify each ad manually to make sure its genuine.
Normal time for ad approval is within 1 hour but in some cases it may take between 1-3 hrs.
Your ad never expires, it's for unlimited time. However ad will deactivate after 1 year which can be reactivated from my account.
1.Capacity - You can upload up to 20 photos.
2.Upload photos -Click on browse photo and select images you want to upload. You may choose multiple images to upload at once. Then wait for images to get uploaded. Once done you will see images in thumbnail.
3.Delete - you may Delete any image by clicking on delete image.
4.Upload Size - Please upload max of 5MB per photo.
Yes, just select images you want to upload and click submit.
Go to my account -Ad listing, then click on edit images.

Creating a job

To create ajob ad on you need to register and login to your account. From your account click post a job.

My account

Go to my account and click over "didn't receive code click here." You should get new code in seconds. Please enter your mobile carefully and then click resend button. If you still getting problem, then contact us and we will help you.
Click "Forgot password" option under Login form. You will receive an email shortly with a link to reset your password.
Go to my Account - Settings. Change your personal info here. You can only change your phone number not your email. To email address please contact us.
Go to my account and click ad listing. You will see all your active ads, paused ads, sold ads etc. You can perform any action from appropriate links given.
When some user sends you a query for your ad posted that messages will display in your message section. You will also receive an email for same.