Volvo FH16

June 01, 2017

Experience the real meaning of a relaxed drive, with the most advanced truck of this time!

Volvo FH16 has given a whole new definition to the safety and comfort of the long-haul vehicles. The magnificent look and incredible features of the truck make it an outstanding performer. From the chassis to the world class transmission technology, the vehicle offers numerous options to choose from.

Let’s explore the spectacular features of Volvo FH16:

Hi-Tech Engines:

Buyers can select from five different power ratings, which include three 13-litre (D13) and two 16-litre (D16) options. The diesel based engines are powerful and offer an excellent torque ranging from 2100 Nm to 3550 Nm. The vertical as well as centrally positioned unit injectors along with an optimized combustion chamber geometry andincreased gas fill ratio enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The EMS- controlled injection system offers a pressure of up to 2400 bar with perfect timing.

Impressive Architecture:

The truck’s new design makes it one of the strongest vehicle in the country. It has been specifically created to cater the needs of customers with huge transporting needs. The dark color of the truck gives it a majestic look. Front step, grille trim, door handles and the Volvo iron mark have been given a satin chrome finish, to give vehiclean intriguing tone. The bigger grille has been coated with dark-silver color and leaves a remarkable impression on road.The interiors have been modified to add more comfort for the driver.

Maximized Comfort:

Driver Seat

The distinguished driver seat has its own benefits and the upholstery can be chosen from leather or fabric.The seat has been fitted with a head restraint and a fold-down backrest. The lumbar support can be also be adjusted as per the choice of the driver.


The bunk in the truck measures 70 X 200 cm and provides ample space to take rest. An adjustable backrest allows the person to incline the bed up to 55 degrees, so that he may comfortably read or watch TV. Mattresses for the bed can be chosen from soft, semi-firm and firm types.


The front shelf has four DIN slots. In the high roof cab versions of the truck, two large storage compartments with roller-doors are present on the driver’s and passenger’s side.  Two drawers with a volume of 130 liters are fitted under the bed. Smaller storage spaces are also made under the bed to keep pet bottles and other accessories.

Driver Support Systems:

Stretch Breaks

The Volvo FH16 is equipped with the stretch break system that prevents skidding of the trailer while driving down the hill or on a slippery road. When driver releases the accelerator, breaks are automatically applied on the trailer wheels to prevent slipping.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

A radar fitted in the front of the truck, works in coordination with the I-shift and breaks of the vehicle. It keeps a check on the time gap between the truck and the vehicle ahead. In case, the distance becomes critical the breaks are automatically applied to prevent an accident. A specific cruising speed can be selected by the driver using a button on the steering wheel. The feature allows the driver to drive safely without panicking.

Other Features:

•  Hydraulic Retarder
•  Hill Start Aid
•  Brake Lining Warning
•  Enhanced Gear Selection, etc.


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