Quon GW 26 420

June 14, 2017

The most efficient Quon GW 26 420!

The all new Quon GW 26 420 is one of its kind and offers an ultimate driving experience. The truck has built a reputation for being an outstanding performer in various industries. The standard Front Under-Run Protection System (FUPS) and a 6.5t front axle capacity make it one of the best trucks running on the roads of Australia. The vehicle is available in two wheelbases and provides immense horsepower to deliver an amazing ride.

Here are some of the key features of Quon GW 26 420:


An ultimate GH engine has been incorporated in the new Quon GW 26 420.  Weight of the engine has been reduced around 10%, which offers an exceptional fuel economy. The ultra-high-pressure fuel injection system leads to a flat torque curve. The exceptional class-leading technology provides cleaner and more efficient combustion. The GH engine is more environment-friendly and is equipped with a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) as well as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system.

The engine is available in 11 as well as 13 litre (GH 11 & GH 13) variants and is based upon the technology of Nissan diesel engines.  The 470hp of the GH 13 engine allows it to carry a payload of B-doubles across the country.  The G11, has power ratings ranging from 380hp to 420hp with torque of about 1,990Nm at 1,800rpm.

Escot V Transmission Technology

ESCOT V is the name given to Automated Manual Transmission of the GH engines. Clutch pedal has been removed from the truck and substituted by a two-pedal 12 speed AMT technology. A smart gear collection and override ratio allows the vehicle to ride smoothly over different terrains in Australia.

Benefits Offered By Escot V Transmission Technology

•    Reduces driver fatigue
•    Improves fuel economy
•    Decreases wear and tear on tyres
•    Lowers maintenance and operating expenses

AdBlue® And SCR Work Together

Quon GW 26 420 meets all the long-term emission regulations and fuel consumption standards for heavy duty trucks. The vehicle is fitted with a Urea SCR system combined with SCR catalyst that work together to reduce the level of NOx emissions. Also, the combination of these technologies enhances combustion process and lowers the particulate emissions to almost zero. The AdBlue® injected into the fuel stream helps to decompose nitrous oxide into water and simple nitrogen.

Benefits OfAdBlue® & SCR Technology

•    Reduces CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions
•    Lowers engine operating temperature
•    Increases engine’s life
•    Extends engine oil drain intervals
•    Requires no specialised engine oil


The steering wheel provides a perfect control over the wheels and offers a sense of confidence while driving on a busy road. The visibility of rear, front and side mirrors is also remarkable. Low flat Euro torque curve of the truck allows it to run smoothly on the roads. The four stage engine brakes help to slow down the vehicle immediately without skidding.


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