Mack Super-Liner 685

July 13, 2017

The King Of Heavy Haulage Trucks!
Mack Super-Liner 685 is an innovative transport solution that not only utilizes the fuel efficiently but also offers a smooth driving experience. The cab of the vehicle is quiet and comfortable while the sloping design of the bonnet allows a clear view of the road. With a wheelbase of approximately 5.38 meters, the truck has an excellent maneuvering capability as well. You will be able to experience a comfortable and smooth ride while driving this truck.

Features Of Mack Super-Liner 685:

New 60 Inch Bunk
Two years of hard work and research led the engineers to develop the all-new 60-inch sleeper for Mac Super-Liner 685, which impresses everyone at first glance. The driver can unwind on the bed eliminate the weariness of long hours of travelling. As an added luxury, the cab also has a fridge installed.

Engine And Transmission
The 16-litre MP10 engine in the truck delivers a horsepower ranging from 600 to 685 hp and a torque up to 3118.38 Nm. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology converts harmful nitrogen oxides to simple water and nitrogen, which allows the vehicle to meet the emission standards of Euro 5 as well as ADR 80/03.

Mack's mDRIVE transmission technology lets the driver shift the control without having to press the truck’s services brakes. This helps the vehicle to run smoothly over the paved surfaces. The auto neutral system of the mDRIVE helps to improve the safety by decreasing the possibility of the vehicle being moved due to throttle application.

The Super-Liner is available with a wheelbase range from 5,250mm to 6,265mm. It has a capacity to carry the payload of approximately 90 tons. The truck has an override ratio of 0.78 and very quick responding rear axles.

Storage Space
There is large storage area under the bunk that can be accessed after lifting it up or from the wide locker doors on the outside. The AdBlue tank has been so efficiently installed in the chassis that there is ample space to be utilized.

Other Features

  • •    Lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control/collision avoidance system.
  • •    An alarm if the door is opened without the parking brake applied
  • •    Mack Grade Gripper – hill start assist
  • •    Eaton 394mm (15.5”) Easy Pedal with VCT Plus
  • •    MELCO 12volt electric starter
  • •    Bridgestone / Michelin tyres
  • •    Air: Service and emergency with blanking plugs
  • •    Four 12volt Bulldog batteries
  • •    Central locking and electrical windows
  • •    Driver information display – Co-Pilot
  • •    Speedometer/odometer (electronic)
  • •    Tachometer/hour meter (electronic)
  • •    Voltmeter, engine hours, distance, trip recording
  • •    Engine coolant temperature, fuel and Ad Blue levels

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