Kenworth T610

June 01, 2017

A new era of trucks begins with Kenworth T610!
The truck is durable, reliable, safe and offers an ultimate driving experience. It has been specifically designed keeping in mind the Australian environment. The 2.1m wide cab makes this vehicle more attractive than its previous models. The truck runs like a breeze on all types of roads and terrains even after carrying a payload of 26-metre B-Double. The outstanding features of this truck have made it a revolutionary vehicle in the present automobile market.

Reasons To Choose Kenworth T610:

The incredible interiors
It took around 2 years for the engineers to develop a dashboard like the one in this truck. Everything is within the reach of the driver allowing him to maintain a good posture while driving. The cab is made entirely of aluminum and can be chosen from two options i.e. a day or a sleeper cab. The wide and improved windscreen provides a clear view of the road ahead. To add more comfort the footwell space has been increased about 30%.

Cummins’ X15 Euro V engine with Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain (ADEPT) technology
With an engine that can power up to 600hp and 2779.42 nm, the truck is suitable for wide range of transport applications. Eaton RoadRanger Manual Transmissions with a wide array of torque ratings in 10, 13, 18 different speeds can also be opted for.
The engine offers lowest fuel consumptionin the vehicle. The turbocharger with variable geometry makes the vehicle morequick and responsive. The actuator has been modified and is stronger than itsprevious versions. The multiple injection events per cycle provide fuelefficiency to enable smoother and silent operation of the truck. The Fleetguard®fuel filters in the engine protect it against corrosion that can causeperformance issues.
The engine breaks offer up to600bhp, this helps the vehicle to move downhill and reduce the wearing ofservice brake. The power cylinders have improved with the incorporation ofenhanced piston designs decrease the transfer of heat to the oil. This enhancesthe durability and the intervals of oil drainage.


•    Engine: Cummins X15 Euro V
•  Power 485hp to 600hp
•  Torque: 1650 lb/ft to 2050 lb/ft
•  Transmission Manual Std: Eaton RTLO 16918B
•  Transmission Automated Std: Ultrashift Plus FO-16E318B-MXP
•  Front Axle Std: Dana E-1462l
•  Rear Axle Std: Dana DSH40P
•  Rear Suspension: Kenworth Airglide 400
•  Brakes: Drum (Std) Disc (Opt)
•  Wheels: Steel disc 10-stud
•  Fuel tanks: Range of packages available
•  State-Of-The-Art CollisionAvoidance And Mitigation Technology

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