Isuzu NLR 150

June 14, 2017

Isuzu is one of the best truck selling brands in Australia. The NLR-150 from the N series, launched by the company has been able to gain a lot of attention due to its incredible features. The light duty truck does not need a special permit to be driven and can be a perfect vehicle for your business. Its reliability and versatile features make it apreferred choice of professionals.

Let’s discuss some of the features that make this light duty truck different from others -


The NLR 150 comes equipped with a 3 liter 4 cylinder engine that works on high pressure common rail fuel injection and a variable nozzle turbo charger.  The fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber and the flow of fuel is electronically controlled. This allows multiple injections at any pressure at any time which leads to better power, fuel consumption and emission control.

Transmission Technology

The vehicle is available with a 6-speed AMT transmission technology. It allows the gears notto bealtered automatically but, facilitates manual gear changes. This helps to get rid of the need to press a clutch pedal every time the driver changes a gear.

Cab & Control

The cab has all the modern features to make driving a wonderful experience. The doors open up to 90 degrees which allows the driver to be seated easily. For an added comfort of the driver, a state of the art air suspension seat has been installed. A tilt/telescopic adjustable steering wheel allows the driver to easily control the wheels.

The ergonomically designed dashboard in the truck is also complemented with –

•    Key-Operated Engine Start/Stop And Steering Lock
•    Hill Assist Slow/Fast Engagement Control
•    On/Off Switch Except AMT Pack 
•    Electronically Driven Speedometer And Tachometer

Other Features

•    Frame mounted steel fuel tank. 75L (short w/base), 100L (medium w/base)
•    Water spray suppression guards and front mud flaps
•    Laminated windscreen with shade band
•    Two speed windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe mode
•    Halogen multi-reflector headlamps incorporating turn signals
•    Door mounted integrated side indicator/cornering lamps
•    Combination brake, turn, reverse and marker lamps
•    Extended wiring harness
•    Reverse alarm
•    Heated and powered exterior main mirrors with flat glass
•    Independently adjustable convex “spot” mirrors
•    Body colored grille
•    ABS, ASR traction control, IESC stability control
•    Satellite navigation including three years of free updates
•    Four reversing cameras - one with audio for reversing
•    Tyre pressure monitoring system
•    Body colored impact resisting polycarbonate bumper with steel backing frame
•    Fully integrated air conditioning and heater/demister with 4-speed fan and outlets for windscreen, side windows, face and floor.


Engine - 4 cylinder 16 valve with chain driven DOHC

Displacement –2,999 cc

Compression Ratio – 17.5:1

Emission Control System - Cooled EGR with exhaust Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD). ADR 80/03 (Euro V) compliant. EEV compliant.



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