Hino 500 Series

May 16, 2017

The Hino 500 Series has made a remarkable impression on truck owners due to its excellent performance and fuel efficiency. Running on diesel with a torque of about 15000 rpm, the trucks are well-suited to be driven in inner city, highways as well ascountry roads.A pre-installed height control system in the trucks prevents cargo damage during loading and unloading. The rigid structure and strong features make them themost desirablemedium duty trucks in Australia.

In this review,we have mentioned some ofthe outstanding features of the 500 series.

Seating Comfort – For maximumcomfort of the driver, a seat of ISRI 6860/870 series has been installed in the truck. The adjustable suspension system allows a comfortable seating posture of the driver. The seat is further equipped with a 3-point seat belt system.  The height, cushion, tilt, backrest, lumbar support etc. can be easily adjusted by the controls present at the side. 

Ergonomic Cabin Layout – The driving area has been planned efficiently. Column stalk and controls are placed in such proximity that the driver does not need to take his hand off the wheels at any instance. The instrument panel is designed in a manner that it can be read from several angles in varying light conditions. Every model of the Hino 500 series has a pre-installed speedometer, tachometerand warning gauges at the dashboard.

Safety Features - Enhanced safety is one of the most extraordinary features of this series. Special attention has been paid by the manufactures to ensure a safe drive. The trucks come with a vehicle stability control (VSC) system which prevents skidding and stabilizes them while taking a sharp turn.

AdditionalSafety Features-

•    Anti-Lock Braking System – Itprevents the truck from skidding when the breaks are suddenly applied.
•    Anti-Slip Regulator – Also called traction control, this system safeguards the vehicle when it loses traction over a slippery surface.
•    Front Underrun Protection System- This pre-installed system ensures that if the truck is hit by another vehicle, the collision energy dissipates and severe damage can be prevented.

The Working Dynamics – Hino 500 Series trucks work on a five-cylinder J07E engine, which delivers more torque and is rated at 220, 240 and 260 horsepower. The variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) lowers the fuel consumption and emission of greenhouse gases. In order to reduce pollution, an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Active Reduction Filter (DPR) has been incorporated in the vehicle.

Transmission System - From over90 models, the buyers can choose a medium duty truck with manual, automated manual or fully automatic transmission system. These are designedwhile keeping in mind different operating environments and truck usage.

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