Freightliner Argosy

June 01, 2017

A truck like never before!

The new generation Freightliner Argosy is one of the best COE (Cab Over Engine) trucks running on the roads of Australia. Its latest technology and amazing performance has left a remarkable impression in the automobile market. The truck is safe, commodious and has the most comfortable cabin. The vehicle has been specifically designed to increase its payload capacity. Available in 91”, 101”, 110” mid roof and 110” raised roof, the cabin can be customized as per the choice of the client. The 24 degrees screen of the vehicle also offer exceptional aerodynamics. To offer more comfort the truck has a swing out staircase, a flat cabin floor and space to accommodate up to 51 inch wide mattress.

Mentioned below are some more striking features of Freightliner Argosy-


•  The frontal look has been redefined to push the airflow along the sides and over the top.
•  The anterior grille allows air to flow through the radiator and charges the air cooler. It also lets the heat and noise generated from the engine to escape.
•  Size of the cab has been increased to accommodate a bigger cooler than its predecessors.
•  The radiator is directly mounted over the engine allowing it to synchronize withthe movement of the engine.
•  Front Underrun Protection Device (FUPD) has been incorporated in the vehicle.
•  The improved doors offer more security and the twin seals provide better insulation.
•  The deflectors at the front deviate the wind and prevent dust, snow, rain from entering into the cabin.
•  Powerwindows and door locks are an added feature that allow the driver to lock or unlock all the doorsat the press of a button.
•  Adjustable steering column helps the drivers to regulate the wheel according to his height and comfort.
•  WABCO's Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS) helps the driver to bring the vehicle to a complete halt in the shortest possiblestopping distance. It further prevents the vehicle from getting locked in an emergency situation and keeps it stable.
•  The seat can be chosen from two options:
1. An EzyRider® II high back air-suspension driver and passenger seat that provideslumbar support, seat cushion tilt/length control system.
2. EzyRider® II high back fixed passenger seat that offers storage space for tools.

Transmission Technology

Detroit Diesel DD15 engine –
•  Lower fuel consumption
•  Inline-6 Cylinder System
•  Asymmetric turbocharger with reduced weight


DISPLACEMENT 906 cu. in. (14.8 L)
TORQUE 1550-1750
WEIGHT 2880 lb. (1306 kg)

A truck like never before!

•  Lowers diesel engine emissions to near-zero levels
•  Equipped with EGR technology
•  Added particulate filter and coalescing filter
•  Sliding-nozzle VG turbocharger

Configuration -

DISPLACEMENT 912 cu. in. (15 liters)
TORQUE 1150-2000
WEIGHT 3009 lb. (1365 kg)

Other Features

•  Ergonomic dashboard
•  Sleeper cab privacy curtains
•  Sufficient internal storage
•  Large bunk and sleeping area
•  Customizable cabins
•   4 x 12 volt AGM batteries
•  Hydraulic oil tanks / split hydraulic - fuel tanks
•  Eaton 15 ½” twin ceramic disc clutch


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